DataMax Reporting

Provides consulting services in Crystal Reports, Business Objects Enterprise, and Database Programming – turning data into useful information to make sound business decisions.


DataMax Reporting is a Business Intelligence developer specializing in SAP Business Objects Products. Specifically, SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Business Objects Enterprise. We also have extensive knowledge in Oracle and SQL Server Stored procedures.

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what we do at data max Reporting


DataMax reporting is a consulting company who specializes in SAP Business Objects products.

Ask us about:

  • Creating/Converting/Updating SAP Crystal Reports
  • Installing/Maintaining SAP Business Objects Enterprise
  • Asking a technical question about SAP products
  • Creation or assistance with SQL Server or Oracle Stored procedures
  • Support and Maintenance
Our experience at Data max Reporting


With over 23 years experience in SAP Business Objects products, DataMax Reporting has developed multiple Crystal Reports for many different organizations.

The founder of the company, and main consultant, worked for SAP Business Objects for 8 years as a top tier support engineer in the Technical Support Department. When a SAP Business Objects technician could not solve an issue it was sent to her to solve.

DataMax Reporting has exceptional trouble shooting, product knowledge, and customer support skills.

Our experience at Data max Reporting


Businesses today are realizing that choosing a reporting consultant on a contract basis is much more feasible than hiring and training a full time employee.

By hiring a contractor businesses only pay for what is needed, can choose their project dates, and are able to leverage the extensive knowledge that the consultant already possess.

You can save time and money by hiring a DataMax reporting consultant.