A stored procedure is a group of one or more database statements stored in the database’s data dictionary and called from either a remote program, another stored procedure, or the command line. They can be very useful when trying to design complex queries for reporting or when trying to create a scheduled task.

DataMax Reporting has been working with stored procedures since 1997. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience. When many say it cannot be done, DataMax Reporting finds a way. We are especially good at coming up with new innovative ideas for accessing data and optimizing performance.

Businesses today are realizing that choosing a consultant on a contract basis is much more feasible than hiring and training a full time employee. By hiring a consultant businesses only pay for what is needed, can choose their project dates, and are able to leverage the extensive knowledge that the consultant already possess. You can save time and money by hiring a DataMax reporting consultant.

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How it works:

  1. All support is done remotely. Therefore there is no need to pay for travel bills. We are all set up and ready to help you using GoToAssist which allows a technician to connect to your machine and work remotely. Or, if you prefer, your IT department can set up a VPN connection and we can connect that way. All your data and documents stay on your machine. We are ready to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement at your leisure.
  2. An initial meeting by phone is usually required to determine the scope of the project. At that time an estimate of work will be given for your approval. There is no charge for an initial meeting.
  3. The fee is $100 per hour. Time is charged in 15 minute increments. For longer projects, a monthly invoice will be sent. For shorter projects an invoice will be sent upon completion. Your payment options are either by check or through Paypal (extra fees apply).

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