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Additional Functions

Chelsea Tech – 20 functions including: Email, read/write XML, read registry and text files
CrystalKiwi – 3 functions for Table of Contents, Index and merging export files
CRUFLMAG – function to strip punctuation from a string.
CUT light  – 130 functions including: Email, read/write text files, read registry, get User ID, run apps and SQL
U2lwin32 – 38 functions including: read/write text files, read/write registry values, run applications

Business Objects Products

All SAP Products
Crystal Reports
Business Objects Enterprise

Crystal Reports Viewers

Crystal Corral
CrystalKiwi Explorer
CR Dispatch
DataLink Viewer
Logicity Pro
R-Tag Crystal Viewer
Report Runner Viewer

Data Connectivity

Data2CR – Cobol data connector
QODBC for QuickBooks – QuickBooks data connector
QQube – QuickBooks data warehouse

Report Schedulers

CRD Premium Edition
Crystal Command
Crystal Delivery
CrystalKiwi Scheduler
CView Manager
Liaison Messenger EDD
Logicity Pro
Navarre Report Scheduler
R-Tag Crystal Scheduler
Remi Crystal
Report Commander
Report Runner Batch
Smart Report Organizer 
Visual CUT

Report Tools

.rpt Inspector Professional Suite – 16 tools to analyze, document, & modify report objects across multiple reports
.rpt Inspector Online – Free tools to analyze, document, & modify report objects across multiple reports
Azalea Fonts – Barcode fonts
CRChart 3.0  — Adds many additional charting capabilities to Crystal Reports
ID Automation Fontware – Barcode fonts